Gestational Diabetes - All About It


Brief Summary:

  • It is a condition of high blood sugar during pregnancy in some women who were not diagnosed with diabetes before pregnancy.
    • Gestational diabetes usually disappears soon after delivery.
    • Placental hormones during pregnancy prevent the body from effectively using the insulin it produces in the blood, which leads to gestational diabetes..
    • The condition is diagnosed as 'gestational diabetes', whether the woman needs insulin or just adjusts her diet.

    Gestational Diabetes Risk Factors:

    • aging
    • family history
    • overweight.
    • Pre-birth with a relatively high weight baby.

    Complications of gestational diabetes:

    • Newborn weight gain.
    • Low blood sugar immediately after birth.
    • Fetal abnormalities.
    • Increased risk of pre-eclampsia for the mother.

    Gestational diabetes treatment:

    • Diet modification.
    • Do physical activity.
    • Insulin.
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