Veneers (dentistry) - Advantages And Disadvantages


Veneers (dentistry) - Advantages And Disadvantages


Veneers are one of the methods used to improve the shape and color of teeth, and it is often an irreversible procedure. Because it requires the removal of a layer of enamel to fit the surface of the tooth.

Definition of veneers:

It is a thin layer made of porcelain or cosmetic fillings or others. It is placed on the front surface of the teeth, and despite its thinness, it becomes very strong and durable after its installation.

Dental veneers:

In general, installation procedures are started in several sessions; Where the teeth are initially prepared for an impression, by removing a thin layer of enamel; To avoid increasing the size of the teeth after installing the veneers, then send the impression to the lab to start making the veneers in the appropriate size. In the next session, the dentist will try it on the teeth and make sure of the person’s satisfaction, then the doctor will stick it well on the teeth.

Dental veneers are used:

  • Close some of the spaces between the teeth.
    • Improving the color of the teeth (all or some).
    • Improving the appearance of the teeth.
    • Correcting some fractures or eroded teeth.

    Contraindications to the use of dental veneers:

    • In the case of erosion of the enamel layer, where the layer of dentin or root is visible.
    • Poor dental hygiene.
    • Habits that cause tooth erosion (such as: bruxism).
    • Severe crowding of the teeth.

    How long the veneers last:

    The shelf life of the veneers is from 7 to 14 years; But it may suffer some fractures that can be repaired or replaced.

    Maintaining dental veneers:

    • The dentist may advise avoiding foods and drinks that affect the color of the teeth (such as: tea and coffee).
    • Use a high-quality toothbrush and change it regularly.
    • Take great care of oral and dental hygiene.
    • Visit the doctor periodically to clean the teeth from tartar and others.
    • stop smoking.
    Stay Healthy...
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