Rickets - Causes and Prevention and Treatment

Rickets - Causes and Prevention and Treatment


It is a deficiency in vitamin D that causes soft and weak bones, and a deficiency in calcium and phosphate, which leads to an excessive increase in the parathyroid gland.


  • Rickets occurs due to insufficient exposure to sunlight and foods containing vitamin D.
    • Absorption of the stomach and intestines for certain reasons, such as: intestinal resection, chronic pancreatic disease, and cystic fibrosis.
    • Liver disease such as cirrhosis.
    • Kidney disease.
    • Medicines such as phenytoin.
    • genes.


    • Softness in the skull and delayed closing of the fontanelles
    • Pain and swelling in the joints.
    • Expansion of the end of the ribs (Rachitic rosary)
    • Deformation of the bones, legs and knees.
    • Delayed or swaying in walking.
    • Imbalance in growth, short stature and lack of weight gain.
    • Dental abnormalities.
    • Sometimes fractures occur.

    Risk factors:

    • black skin;
    • Children and the elderly.
    • pregnancy.
    • obesity;
    • Only breast-feeding the baby after the age of 6 months.
    • poverty.
    • Vegetarians.
    • drinking alcohol;
    • Living in high places.
    • family history


    • Consult a family doctor.
    • Know the patient's history.
    • Clinical examination.
    • Vitamin D test.


    • Chronic skeletal pain
    • Skeletal deformity
    • Skeletal fracture.


    Vitamin D booster.


    • Knowing the importance of proper nutrition and the importance of exposure to sunlight.
    • Early diagnosis and treatment.
    Stay Healthy...

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