Allergic Eye - Everything About It


Allergic Eye - Everything About It


With the advent of spring and summer, some suffer from redness of the eyes with constant itching, as well as a lack of the ability to see clearly.


  • itchy feeling
    • Redness and swelling of the conjunctiva
    • Increased mucous secretions
    • Sensation of dryness in the eye.
    • An increase in the secretion of tears.


    • Pollen grains (from trees, grasses, and plants), which multiply and spread in the spring.
    • Wind laden with dust and dust
    • High temperatures and sunlight (especially UV rays), especially in summer.
    • Air pollutants such as car exhaust and others.


    When you have an eye allergy, you should go to the ophthalmologist to classify the type of allergy and the appropriate treatment for it
    Such as using antihistamines to relieve itching and reduce tears, as well as cortisone drops for difficult cases.


    • Take some rest and deep sleep for the sake of health in general and for the health of your eyes in particular.
    • Avoid allergens, especially pollen, dirt and dust.
    • Avoid sunlight, high temperatures, places that trigger allergies, and air pollutants.
    • Put cold water compresses on the eyes several times daily.
    • Use the original sunglasses that protect the eyes from dust, dirt and strong sunlight.
    • Do not use contact lenses because they increase allergy symptoms.
    • For women, they should avoid types of makeup that cause eye sensitivity.
    • Do not rub the eye and only wash it in case of feeling itchy.
    • Use medical gauze or cotton to clean the eyelid, and one of the medical drops or ointments can be used according to the prescription of the specialist doctor to facilitate cleaning the eye.
    • In the case of swollen eyes, a special eye massage.
    Stay Healthy...
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